We will assist you in cutting through the startup clutter

As a CVC you are hearing thousands of pitches. Even though financial return-on-investment may not be the primary reason for you to be meeting with startups, the numbers need to be right.

At Eisbach we have been on both sides: receiving funds from Corporate Investors as entrepreneurs and supporting startups with our own funds.

We bring in Knowledge and Resources

Having built and sold tech companies ourselves, we are dedicating our knowledge and resources to our clients. Attracting and identifying talent to form and grow a team is at the center of our attention - all of the time. Staffing the skills we need in the venture to execute the business is key to success. Hiring top talent has been a significant part of what we have done in the past couple of years. We examine the business models of the ideas submitted to us with an extensive market analysis. Even after your investment in later phases of the company, we provide continuous support in the strategic alignment and scaling of the business models in order to secure the essential success factors in the long term.

We are Serial Entrepreneurs

Making sure you have the technology, service or product that is solving a consumer problem. Building a service or product that is disrupting a marketplace or establishing a new one. Securing your intellectual property. That is what kept us busy over the past 15 years and what we will help you work out.  Our approach is to bring serial entrepreneurship into an existing business environment by co-founding a new venture and leading it to success.

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