Company Building

The market is seeing a speedup in forces that are demanding even high performing companies to challenge existing business models and to innovate in order to avoid being outpaced by competitors charging ahead.

Many corporates have chosen a path in the past to respond to disruptive and new digital offerings of their global competition by making incremental internal changes that often did not allow them to keep up with the pace of change. 

The way startups change the business landscape – through agile operating structures and new, scalable technologies – is offering new opportunities for corporates. 

Together with the managing directors of medium-sized and corporate companies, we design new growth ideas and business areas and support them in bringing these business models to market. From idea generation to the validation to the building of startups  – we work with our partners to create future market leaders.

The fast pace in which market dynamics change and new competitors arise are demanding corporates to develop new digital growth models. We co-develop with companies a launch-ready product or service with a confirmed business model by helping them to think and act as a startup.


Topics we cover when we incubate

  • Development of a minimal viable product/service

  • Verification through first transactions

  • Creation of marketing and sales concepts

  • Finalization of the business plan

  • Foundation and legal form

  • Composition and hiring of the team

  • Establishment of processes and tools

  • Market Roll Out of the product / service

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