Digital Strategy & Transformation for Companies to Digital Business Models

The digitalisation has unleashed many macro trends that fundamentally and sustainably change enterprises, industries and society as a whole. 

New marketplaces and products have emerged and let the related enterprises grow to global, dominating players condensing or even monopolizing markets and relieving many incumbents from their long-established business. Additionally, adopting new business principles on how to build, operate and sell products (e. g. perform marketing or sales more efficiently) has accelerated the growth of businesses. This movement of integrating digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how companies operate and deliver value to customers is called digital transformation. This also implies a fundamental cultural change that requires organizations to challenge their status quo in order to experiment and get comfortable with mistakes and failure. 

Many companies have made gentle steps into this digital transformation process and are still latecomers when it comes to the effective implementation of such programs and concepts: however, the risk of being overrun by the rapid change of economy and society is surging — especially in exogenous crises like we have in 2020.

A digital transformation program enables businesses and top leaders to harness the efforts of all, continually aligning the stakeholders with the path’s objective and guiding them toward that objective. Digital transformation success needs to operate at three levels — corporate governance, management and execution.
Eisbach supports companies on that journey, giving stakeholders advice at all these levels based on expertise we have built in many years of our entrepreneurial activity and the business & industry experience that we gained from our projects.


Eisbach provides the following service offers

  • Market & Opportunity:

    • Compilation of a market analysis, including observation and assessment of your competitors
    • Identification of today’s and future risks to your core business
    • Analysis of opportunities to increase efficiency and develop new growth areas
    • Exploration of growth projects
  • Operations:

    • Process Optimization
    • Exploration of efficiency projects
    • Building a digital strategy
    • Creation and implementation of innovative reward systems
    • HR-Recruiting of digital talent
  • Product:

    • Creation and validation of digital products: From Problem-Solution-Fit to Solution-Market Fit
    • Operational development: Full incubation of digital products
  • Culture:

    • Tools for enabling Collaborative Work
    • Change Management

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