Investment Readiness for StartUps

Raising Funds is often a challenge for you as an entrepreneur. “How much money should I raise? What is the right form of financing for the stage my company is in? How do I get in touch with investors?” These are typically the first question we get asked.

When talking to investors, you will need to convince them that your product/service/technology has high market demand: How does your business make money, are there additional revenue streams to be identified? How scalable is your business model, what is the total addressable market? What is your real potential market share and what are your margins? These are key questions that we will help answer with your.

With our Investment Readiness Check, we have developed a methodology to help you create your pitch presentation for investors. Together we work out the strengths of your startup. We also a check for and eliminate possible weaknesses that could prevent an investor from funding your company. We provide you with hints and tips from our years of experience on how you can circumvent these hurdles by adjusting your strategy. We will also work out the right  financing with you – which varies greatly depending on the stage your startup is at.


Topics we cover in our Investment Readiness Check

  • Problem & Solution fit

  • Addressable Market & Competition

  • Business Model & Financial Planning

  • Go To Market Strategy

  • Fundraising

  • Team & Skills

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