Due Diligence for Investors

When looking at a target company, digital technology assets are an essential part of the calculation of the business value. As technology plays a crucial role in the potential for innovation and future growth of a company, Private Equity is looking at the business model to understand the profitability and sustainability of an acquisition. 

We provide investors with a systematic analysis and evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the target company. This allows securing the planned investment or acquisition with full transparency of the values and risks involved. 

Not only the investor will benefit from the due diligence report. The report will offer recommendations on what actions should be taken to bring the company into a strong position to avoid being outpaced by competitors charging ahead.

We deliver transparency on the value-creation potential of the company’s technology assets by analyzing the digital assets, services and products, the maturity and suitability of the products and services in the market and how these digital assets will allow the investor to fund sustainable growth and scale.


Elements of the digital due diligence and investment screening report

  • Market and Digital Competitive Landscape Screening

    • Analysis of digital opportunities to increase efficiency
    • Identification of today’s and future risks to companies core business
    • Compilation of a market analysis, including observation and assessment of companies competitors
  • Digital Product or Service Maturity

    • Analyzing digital maturity to deliver performance improvements
    • Identifying Unfair Advantages
    • Problem – Solution Fit
    • Solution – Market Fit
  • Customer Centricity

    • Status of customer-centric business
    • Digital Map of Customer Journey
    • Customer Acquisition Costs
    • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Dynamic Digital KPIs

    • How are customers reached, acquired, and kept
    • Cohort Analysis/Churn Rate
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Retention Rate
    • SEO/SEM Analysis
    • Compound Annual Growth Rate of Searches
  • Technical Assessment

    • Overview of the technical setup of the company
    • Systems and software used
    • Methodologies and Processes in Product development
    • Tech configurations such as hosting and servers
    • Analyze and confirm the buyer’s and the transaction’s strategic logic
    • Uncover other areas of potential growth or value not already known to the buyer

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