Our Promise

We will be on your side when you navigate unchartered territory.

Startup Battlefield

Having built and sold tech businesses ourselves, we are now dedicating our knowledge and resources to you – the entrepreneur. We have domain experience in platform, marketplace, fundraising, business planning, due diligence, recruiting international talent, engineering, management and finance. We want to see your business succeed and fly high.

Raising Funds

You will need to convince investors that your product/service/technology has high market demand. This will make VCs compete to fund your business  We know how that is done. How does your business make money, are there additional revenue streams to be identified? How scalable is your business model, what is the total addressable market, what is your realistic potential market share and what are your margins? What is your exit strategy? These are essential questions we will help you answer so you can focus on growing your business.

Building a Company

  • Identifying the skills you need in your team to execute your business.
  • Making sure you have the technology, service or product your company requires to solve a consumer problem.
  • Building a service or product that is disrupting a marketplace or establishing a new one. Securing your intellectual property.

That is what kept us busy in our ventures over the past 15 years and what we will help work out with you.

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Get in touch with us, write to talk@eisbach-partners.com

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